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The Steel Back Insulated Garage doors are the top of the line in Sectional Garage doors they have two layers of steel and polyurathene insulation in the middle. this doors are built to last they ave very sturdy and look very nice both inside and out. 

the price  for this doors are a bit more but remember you buy these doors and you wont have to buy another one for many years (unless you damage them).

For $600.00 for single and $900.00 for double door you have options of long panel, Short Panel, and Carrige look. all in withe,Almond,Brown,and Sandstone.

The Steel back Insulated door now comes in the new wood tone colors. it is the same as the steel back door only now you can choose from four wood tone colors (oak, dark oak, Cedar and Mahogany). the price for these doors are

$700.00 for single garage door and $1100.00 for double garage door.

The Window are the same for both of these doors.

$175.00 for single garage doors and $225.00 for double garage  doors.